Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Hunt for the Identity of Dark Energy (Documentary 2016) (English)

The effects of dark energy were discovered in 1998 but physicists still don't know what it is. Worse, its very existence calls into question Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity - the cornerstone of modern physics.

The hunt for the identity of dark energy is on. Experiments on earth and in space generate data that might provide a clue, but there are also hopes that another Einstein might emerge - someone who can write a new theory explaining the mystery of the dark energy.

Как создавались империи. Карфаген.


Карфаген - одна из величайших империй Древнего мира, сильная средиземноморская держава, ставшая грозным противником набиравшему силу Риму. Соперничество между двумя государствами вылилось в три Пунические войны, которые потрясли Древний мир.