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Wikimania 2011 - Wiki Academy 2011 - Copyright and Intellectual Property (English)

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00:08 - Opening - Prof. Niva Elkin-Koren, Haifa University

12:40 - Freedom of panorama and Wikimedia Commons
Christopher Cooper
Many people have difficulty understanding that a picture of a
building or of a statue in a street could be copyrighted, but
the Berne Convention makes this so. Following the deletion of
hundreds of potentially e ducational images, some contributors
are asking if the line between meeting strict copyright standards
and the ambitions of Commons is well placed.
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30:35 - Cultural Fair Use, Political Narrative and Copyright
Jonathan Klinger
What is the connection between copyright, cultural rights and
fair use? In a brief lecture, we shall discuss the correlation in
regards to the relevant Israeli legislation and struggle for fair use.

46:15 - Fighting the Intellectual Property Regime
Nikolas Becker
The idea of intellectual property is not natural. It was
constructed in the 14th Century and has developed since then
into a worldwide accepted idea. A small group of Western
companies managed to spread this construction over the whole
world and build the regime of intellectual property. How could
countries of the Global South resist the much more powerful
western countries and make changes to the TRIPS agreement
during the Uruguay Round from 1986 to 1994?
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1:09:45 - Wikimedia and the Public Domain
Ryan Kaldari
Wikimedia is one of the largest repositories (and users) of
public domain material in the world. Commons alone hosts
over 3 million public domain files. Increasingly, however, the
public domain is coming under threat from a variety of sources:
governments restoring copyrights on public domain material,
media companies pushing for longer and longer copyright terms,
museums and archives acting as gatekeepers to the works
they house, DMCA abuse, etc. As one of the most prominent
projects in the Free Culture movement, how do we address
these problems and work to protect the public domain for the
long term?

1:18:50 - A panel headed by Prof. Niva Elkin-Koren, Haifa University


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