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25c3: The Semantic Web - Raising of the Dead? (English)

UPDATE 11-05-2013:
The Semantic Web - An Overview
Wake-up Discussion: The End of the Semantic Web?

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A lot of people say that the semantic web is dead, but why is then google announcing that they plan to make the biggest change in their web search ever by introducing it. So, what is the semantic web actually? Which technologies are behind it? Why was it called dead? And why is it coming back?

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The idea of the semantic web is that you get context sensitive answers to your questions. If you ask google for a citytrip in June to a European capital which will cost 300Euro max and where the weather shall be good, you will get a bunch of links with pages providing subsets of the information you asked for, but you won't get an answer like: Paris - 20°C - 249 Euro with Neckermann - 08.06.-10.06... But this is the ambitious goal of the semantic web. To connect information from different data sources to give you a concrete answer to your question.

To explain how this goal can be reached, the basic technologies of the semantic web have to be understood: RDF, Triple Stores, Reasoning and SPARQL. Based on this understanding it is possible to see why the semantic web did not revolutionize the web, but that it is a big opportuinity for defined areas of it and why it could also work out for big players like google.

Speaker: Carina Haupt
EventID: 41
Event: SIGINT 2012 by the Chaos Computer Club [CCC] Köln
Location: KOMED; Im Mediapark 7; 50670 Cologne; Germany
Language: english
Start: 19.05.2012 12:00:00 +02:00
License: CC-by-nc-sa

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