Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Language of Dolphins Could Be Translated by 2021 (English)

האם טכניקות של "למידה עמוקה" יאפשרו סוף, סוף, להבין מה אומרים הדולפינים?

Swedish startup Gavagai AB, a language technology company, will be using its AI capabilities to decipher the language of dolphins.

Ниже есть продолжение.

...Understanding dolphin language may sound like kind of a strange goal, but in context it makes sense. Of course, zoologists would benefit from the breakthrough, but so would businesses. Massive companies like Amazon.com and Alphabet are already using machine learning and AI to respond to customer requests and problems faster and without new programming. This latest venture with dolphins will be a kind of next level testing for these kinds of capabilities, and as CEO Lars Hamberg tells Bloomberg, the dolphin research will help Gavagai AB improve its tool for other uses...

...The idea of preparing to communicate with alien forms also comes to mind. One of the problems with finding extraterrestrial life, as exciting as the prospect is, is that we will need to find ways to communicate. Since Gavagai’s systems have already mastered human languages, moving on to other life forms seems like a smart next step if we someday hope to use AI and machine learning to communicate with who- and whatever we meet as we explore further through our Universe...

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