Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Tesla’s over-the-air brake upgrade brake upgrade was amazing—and also a bit worrying (English)

“Something fundamentally broken in what they were doing”

Tesla pushed out a software update to Model 3s that dramatically improved the car's braking performance in certain conditions...

It might seem like the brake pedal on your car directly controls the braking force, but the reality is more complicated than that, Abuelsamid explains. Modern brakes come with brake-assist capabilities that are "designed to detect a panic braking action by the driver and maximize braking force in order to help avoid a crash."

"The fact that Tesla engineers were able to slash nearly 20 feet of stopping distance in a couple of days is a sign that there was something fundamentally broken in what they were doing," Abuelsamid concludes. "Given the speed of this update, it's likely that Tesla hasn't even evaluated those other surfaces yet and this may not be the last braking-related update for the Model 3."

Ниже есть продолжение.

Conventional car companies tend to be bureaucratic and methodical—they have a highly regimented process for designing, testing, and manufacturing their cars. Tesla has a different culture inherited from its Silicon Valley roots. The company relies on iteration and rapid feedback to improve its products over time.

The braking situation highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of that approach. Tesla's nimble culture allowed it to quickly solve a problem that cropped up after its car had left the factory. But perhaps the more bureaucratic approach of conventional car companies would have allowed the company to catch this kind of error before the Model 3 went on sale.

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