Wednesday, May 15, 2019

How To Turn Off Windows 10 Updates Permanently (Engish)

2] Change WU settings using the Group Policy Editor
1] Disable Windows Update & Windows Update Medic Services

Method 2. Disable all Windows Update Services and Tasks.
Step 1. Disable the Windows Update Service.
Step 2. Disable the Windows Update Medic & the Update Orchestrator Services through Registry.
Step 3. Disable Windows Update Tasks.

UPDATE 17-07-2019:
cd \programs\PSTools
psexec -accepteula -s -h -i %windir%\system32\mmc taskschd.msc /s

:rem -accepteula prevents eula gui popup; yes, annoying
:rem -s runs in system account (key to this whole thing)
:rem -h elevated token (privileges) (don't need, but is often helpful)
:rem -i open window on existing desktop / windows screen. this is a gui so need this
psexec -accepteula -s -h -i %windir%\system32\mmc taskschd.msc /s

This opened the Task Scheduler in a window on my screen running under the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM user.

Then I was able to disable the \Microsoft\Windows\UpdateOrchestrator\Reboot task. (And set the trigger time for 2020)

psexec exiting with error code 0 means success.
Downloand Pstools (Direct link)

UPDATE 29-07-2019
In regedit go to
AlwaysAutoRebootAtScheduledTime 0
AUOptions 2
AUPowerManagement 0
AutoInstallMinorUpdates 0
NoAUShutdownOption 0
NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers 1
NoAutoUpdate 1
ScheduledInstallDay 7
ScheduledInstallTime 3
UseWUServer 0

How To Turn Off Automatic Updates In Windows 10 Using Registry


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