Thursday, April 15, 2021

SBU conducting large-scale anti-terror exercise in Kherson region (English, Russian)

Служба безопасности Украины провела накануне крупные учения в Херсонской области на границе с Крымом.

Задача - взятие под контроль ключевых объектов инфраструктуры, включая морские порты, объекты энергоснабжения, аэропорт и мосты.

Ниже есть продолжение.


The Security Service of Ukraine is conducting large-scale multi-stage anti-terror exercises on the territory of Kherson region, including on the Black Sea coast.

The SBU, units of Ukraine's Armed Forces, border guards, the National Police, and the State Service for Special Transport are taking part in the exercise.

On April 14, the SBU also started multi-stage anti-terror exercises in Kharkiv region bordering Russia.

The drills will last until the end of May throughout the region, with a focus on border areas.

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