Friday, January 26, 2024

Financial Times: МИД Израиля опрашивает иностранные посольства на предмет готовности к большой войне (Russian, English)

МИД разослал посольствам депешу с вопросом, есть ли у них электрогенераторы и спутниковая связь, объяснив, что «собирает информацию в рамках подготовки к сценарию военной эскалации с отключением электричества»

Israel asks embassies if they are equipped for ‘security escalation’

Ниже есть продолжение.

While official statements call for regional stability in the Middle East through diplomatic channels, Israel’s Foreign Ministry started ensuring its various embassies were prepared for “possible security escalations,” according to the Financial Times.

The message sent by the Israeli foreign ministry was still at an early stage of gathering information on the embassies' ability to respond in case of “power outages” if the security situation escalated, and asked the mission heads if they were prepared.

The request remained mostly practical, whether the missions had satellite phones and if so then to test them in a call to the ministry, likewise with the situation on generators for the embassy and how long they’d last on a full tank of fuel, according to the FT that saw the official message from January 2.

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