Saturday, April 06, 2024

Google может начать взимать плату за премиальные ИИ-услуги (Russian, English)

Alphabet, материнская компания Google, рассматривает возможность взимания платы за премиальные услуги в своей поисковой системе, основанной на искусственном интеллекте, пишут Financial Times и Reuters.

Информированные источники подчеркивают, что основная – традиционная поисковая система Google останется бесплатной.

Это первый случай, когда Google планирует взимать плату за одну из своих основных услуг в рамках попытки конкурировать на рынке искусственного интеллекта с Open AI, разработавшим ChatGPT, и Microsoft.

Google is considering charging for new “premium” features run by artificial intelligence, the Financial Times reported, marking the first time it would put any of its core product behind a paywall.

The tech giant is mulling options such as adding certain AI search features to its premium subscription services, the FT reported, citing three unnamed people familiar with the plans. Engineers are developing the technology to roll out the service but executives haven’t decided whether or when to launch it, according to the report. Google’s ubiquitous search engine would continue to be free and ads would appear alongside search results even to subscribers, the FT said...

... Last year, Google began testing its own AI-powered search service that combines the personalized, detailed narrative in addition to links to websites and advertising. But it has been slow to incorporate features from its experimental “search generative experience” to the main search engine.

In February, Google added a new paid tier to its consumer subscription service that gives people access to its latest AI model, Gemini. Users who pay for that subscription, called Google One AI Premium, are able to use its advanced Gemini chatbot and access the generative AI model in popular services such as Gmail and Google Docs.

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