Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wikimania 2011 - Closing Ceremony. Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia: "The State of the Wiki" (English)

02:45 - Plenary by Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia: "The State of the Wiki"
Ten years ago, Jimmy Wales typed Hello World! into a wiki, and Wikipedia was born. Today, Wikipedia is the fifth most-popular site on the internet, and the Wikimedia projects are collectively one of the world's largest and most useful repositories of human knowledge. In recent years though, we've begun to see signs that the Wikimedia community is less healthy than it used to be. The number of active editors is slowly declining, and community members report increased bureaucracy, unwelcoming behaviour, and growing barriers to participation. In this talk, Jimmy Wales will call for a renewed commitment to openness, that will revitalize the projects.

UPDATE 18-12-2011:
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