Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Китай не хочет транспортировать энергию и ресурсы по подконтрольным США территориям (English, Russian)

Китайский эксперт Андрей Леунг заявил в интервью Russia Today, что для Китая стратегически важно, чтобы транспортировка энергоресурсов шла через Россию и Центральную Азию, так как это гораздо безопаснее и не контролируется США. Кроме того, по его словам, "Китай хочет установить торговые отношения со всем миром". "Морской порт, например, в Крыму был бы очень хорошим стержнем для Китая в отношении Центральной Европы, Восточной Европы, а также в Средиземном море", - заявил эксперт.

Andrew Leung: ...China wants to expand its market worldwide and to establish trading relationships across the globe. A deep sea port, for example, in Crimea would be a very good pivot for China towards Central Europe, Eastern Europe, as well as the Mediterranean. And also because of geopolitical concentration, supplies of energy from Russia overland to China would be much safer than transporting China’s energy through the ports in Iran where events will be beyond China’s control, or through the Malacca strait controlled by the US Seventh fleet. So transportation of energy through Russia and Central Asia would be of strategic importance to China, and then, of course, Russia’s energy supplies would be placed in a very good position. And both countries share common interests in developing relationships with Central Asia.

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...What kind of cooperation between Russia and China are we likely to see?

AL: The relationship is both economic as well geopolitical. I have just explained the economic side. The geopolitical side is because, first of all, energy security for China avoiding transporting the energy and resources through areas which are likely to be controlled by the world superpower, America, for example in the Malacca strait which is very narrow. And then transporting energy through Central Asia and Russia will be safer for China. Also the Ukrainian crisis is likely to push Russia more towards China as a balance against America. It’s also likely to push America more towards China to balance against Russia. So China would be in a very advantageous position to develop crucial relationship with Russia. When we look at current so-called sanctions, American sanctions on Russia, and Russia has already signed a deal tripling the amount of energy sale from Russia to China by 2018, so that by that time China will become the largest customer of Russian energy. This is a huge volume of trade and of course trade demands a payment system, and, because of possible sanctions, Russia is likely to make use of Union Pay, China’s payment system. And of course these huge energy contracts are likely to be priced outside the US dollar; it’s likely to use the renminbi and that of course will tally with China’s desire to internationalize renminbi. So there are many areas in which the two countries interests converge.

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