Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Don't lie to your son (English)

Найдено на просторах интернета.

When my son was faced with the death of his dog at 4, we told him that we bury the ones we love after they die because we all came from stars and the earth, so we gave Lucy back to the earth and one day she'll go back to the stars, just like we all will. I didn't want to tell him comforting lies, and really, that was a scientifically sound as I could be to a four year old. That was in November. Tonight, as I put him to bed, he said that stars are ancient. And I said yes, they're so ancient that we often only see the light from dead stars. Starlight is like real life ghosts, I told him, so far away that even though they died a long time ago their light still shines. "Like Lucy?" he said. And this is why I will never lie to my son when he asks hard questions. Never underestimate the mind of a child, the wonder of the universe, and the ability for both to humble you.

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