Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Reality present: The Surveillance State Seen through a 'Black Mirror' reproduced in China (English)

Форматирование моё.


Alim is a Uighur, a Muslim minority group in China's Xinjiang province. He was travelling home to see his parents after a long time away from Xinjiang. When his flight landed, he was pulled off the plane by Chinese police and questioned for hours. His blood samples were taken. Officers recorded his voice and took photos of his face from all different directions.
When Alim was released, he realized his hometown was vastly different from the one he remembered. There were security checkpoints and cameras everywhere, police officers waiting to stop you on every block. People were afraid to speak about their faith openly. Personal conversation about anything of substance seemed to cease.

Today on the show, Alim takes us inside his hometown. We see how the Chinese government has created a surveillance state using DNA, voice, and face recognition technology to track and target Uighurs.

And we find out how Americans — some knowingly, some unwittingly — helped advance this system.

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