Saturday, June 27, 2020

Portland anti-cop protesters attempt to establish autonomous zone, instead create 'war zone' (English)

Black community leaders decried Friday the protesters who wreaked havoc on a predominantly minority Portland neighborhood in an attempt to set up a Seattle-style autonomous zone, telling the rioters to “get your knee off our neck.”

Protesters were thwarted as they tried to build a fence around the North Precinct, but instead set fires, looted and vandalized the surrounding buildings, at one point blocking and nailing shut exit doors so that police and others inside the precinct were trapped.

At a Friday press conference, community leaders said that all the Northeast Portland businesses damaged in the melee were minority-owned...

Ниже есть продолжение.

Protests in Portland turned violent as protesters attempted to establish an autonomous zone and looted stores around a police precinct, turning it instead into a “war zone,” according to reports...

A Portland police report described how protesters gathered, bringing supplies “to build a fence.” While some protesters blocked traffic and attempted to build an autonomous zone outside the precinct similar to the one in Seattle, others hurled projectiles, including glass bottles and fireworks, at police.

Protesters also used dumpsters to block officers inside the building.

In video footage, protesters can be heard chanting “No good cops in a racists system.”

“North Portland looks like a war zone right now,” Andy Ngô, a reporter for The Post Millennial, tweeted on Friday morning. He also claimed that militants had tried to “establish an autonomous zone outside the [Portland Police] North Precinct.”

“Rioters have a huge banner that reads, ‘Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground.”

Protesters covered the precinct in graffiti, with anti-cop slogans such as “ACAB” - which means "All Cops Are Bastards" - and “Abolish Police” as well as the comment that “Tamir Rice would be 18 today” over an enormous BLM.

Officers attempted to disperse the crowd around 1 a.m. on Friday using “crowd control munitions,” including impact munitions and CS gas, which Oregon Live notes is “a kind of tear gas.” Protesters also allegedly fired paintballs at the officers, obscuring their vision as the protesters and police clashed...

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