Saturday, December 18, 2021

Federal appeals court allows Biden vaccine mandate for large companies to resume (English)

A federal appeals court Friday reinstated the Biden administration's vaccine mandate for large companies, dissolving a stay by a separate court that had suspended the mandate.

The decision is the latest skirmish in a continuing battle that will likely soon be decided by the Supreme Court. A coalition of 27 business groups quickly appealed to the nation's highest court Friday to block the lower court's mandate, according to Politico. They claimed the mandate would bring "harm" to thousands of businesses.

Ниже есть продолжение.

...OSHA’s requirement would make private businesses with 100 or more employees mandate the Covid vaccine or have employees test weekly for the virus. The mandate has faced more than a dozen lawsuits from states, businesses and other groups looking to overturn the rule, which is set to take effect Jan. 4.

Twenty-seven business groups swiftly responded to the decision late Friday, filing an appeal to the Supreme Court to block the mandate. They argued the OSHA rule would ”harm” thousands of businesses across industries.

”It will impose substantial, nonrecoverable compliance costs on those businesses. Those businesses will be faced with either incurring the costs of testing for the millions of employees who refuse to be vaccinated—and passing those costs on to consumers in the form of yet higher prices at a time of record inflation—or imposing the costs of testing upon their unvaccinated employees, who will quit en masse rather than suffer additional testing costs each week,” the appeal says.

The Biden administration also faced a setback Friday when the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals refused its request to lift an order blocking its vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

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