Thursday, December 08, 2011

And then there's that Google+ bar right now (English)

UPDATE 25-12-2011:
Dan Bull - Dear Microsoft (Hotmail)

I don't want any of these navigation bars either. I don't want a bright blue bar that keeps nagging me about Google+. I don't share, I won't share, and I hate social networks that aren't real-world: I don't do Facebook or LinkedIn or any of those exhibitionist sites. And I don't want Gmail to change the way my Gmail interface looks. I hate the new look.

Being on the Net these days is almost as bad as being checked into a mental hospital. If you want to be alone and antisocial (that's my usual state of mind), Nurse Ratched wants you to go out and socialize with the rest of the cuckoos in the parlor or you get your meds injected while you're strapped to the bed and can't prevent yourself from becoming zombied out.

It's as bad as using MS Office and discovering that you have to learn a new UI after spending 8 years memorizing the old and perfectly serviceable old one that was changed just because some guys who have access to the source code thought it would be a good idea to change things just for the sake of change. I hate the *&&^%$ ribbon too!

There is more below.
Ниже есть продолжение.

And as bad as discovering that Adobe Acrobat Pro 7, which worked without a hitch for the year that I was using the free version of Win7 Ultimate RC1 no longer works with the retail version so if I want to have both working properly on my PC, I have to buy both the OS and Acrobat Pro 9 or 10.

More important to me than the money is the superfluity, the gratuitousness of the changes. They don't make things easier or better for everyone. It takes too much time to learn new and complicated UIs. Not everyone pines to follow the latest fashions. Not everyone needs Google's seasonal and other occasional eye-candy. Unobtrusive is good. Don't track me is good. Don't get in my face is good. Leave well enough alone is good. Don't fix what ain't broke is best.

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