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Some interesting point of view on what's going on by Yuval Noah Harari (English)

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Nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide | Yuval Noah Harari

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Ниже есть продолжение.

1. The Global vs. National
- How is the deserve set of the identities to be made coherent whether under national or under global leadership?
- The problem of such diverse identities is the problem for nationalism as well. Nationalism believes in the single monolithic identity. Most extreme version of nationalism believes in exclusive loyalty to a single identity. You shouldn't necessary think in such exclusive terms.

If you think that there is a single identity for a person, I'm just X, that's it, I can't be several things, I can be just, that is the start of the problem. You have religion, you have nations that sometimes demand exclusive loyalty, but it's not the only option. There many religions and many nations that enables you to have diverse identities at the same time.

...All identities are extremely unstable... Obviously, none of the nations that exists today, existed 5000 years ago. Homo Sapiens is social animal. For millions of years Homo Sapiens and our hominid ancestors lived in small committees of a few dozens individuals, everybody knew everybody else. In our modern nations, an imagined community, I don't even know all this people.

2. I think that fake news where with us for thousands of years.

- Is a post-truth era is a brand new era or just trend?
- Personally, I don't connect with this idea of post-truth. My basic reaction as historian, if this is era of post-truth, when, the hell, where is era of truth? 1980s? 1950s? Middle Edges?... The technology changes and it is easier to disseminate both truth, fiction and falsehood...But I don't think there is anything essentially new. For example, there is nothing that Joseph Goebbels didn't know about all these idea of fake news and post-truth. I think that fake news where with us for thousands of years...The intentional use of the fake news is disturbing sign, I'm not saying that it is not bad, I'm just saying it is not new.

3. Does catastrophe is the only path to global governance?

Anybody that is interesting in the global governance should made it very very clear, that is doesn't replace or abolish local identities and communities. It should be part of the single package...

- ...The very words of global governance is almost epitome of evil in the mindset of a lot of people...It is just seems scary, remote, distant and it has let them down and governance, no, go away...And many view the election [in the US] sort of poke in the eye, to anyone who believes in that. So, how do we change the narrative, so that it doesn't seems so scary and and remote. Build more on this idea of it being compatible with local identity, local community.

...We should start with the biological reality of Homo Sapiens. First of all, we're completely dependent on the ecological system around us. Today, we're talking about global system. Second, Homo Sapiens is social animal, but we're social on the very very local level. We can't have intimate familiarity with more than 150 individuals. Everything beyond that is really based on all kinds of imaginary stories and large scale institutions. I think we can find the way to weave the two together and to understand that in 21st century we need both the global level and the local community.

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