Sunday, February 16, 2020

Redhat Linux 5.2 on 25yr old PC (English)

This video is about Redhat Linux 5.2 and my 25 yr old Intel Pentium 100Mhz.
I got this boxed Redhat Linux 5.2 lying here and wondered what I would do it ... then I saw this unused business-like boring pentium 100Mhz on my self and thought this could be match made in heaven.

I decided to install Linux on the old PC and re-create my feelings towards Linux that I had when I installed that very same version of Redhat in 1998, most likely on very similar hardware.

Join me on this journey back in time, where we install Redhat 5.2 and play around with window managers like FVWM2, Gnome and Enlightment.

Трёхдёмовый дисковод был (был даже пятидюймовый) где-то в 1996 г. Linux я увидел только в начале 2000-ых. С 1996 г. до ноября 1998 г. у меня был доступ до 80486 100Mhz. Там стоял как Dos так и OS/2.

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