Saturday, April 11, 2020

חיילים ייפרסו ברחבי צרפת (Hebrew, Russian, English)

הצבא הצרפתי החל לפרוס 160 אלף חיילים ברחובות שיפקחו אחר הוראות הממשלה בעניין המאבק בנגיף הקורונה.

Французская армия начала развертывать 160 тыс. солдат на улицах, которые будут наблюдать за соблюдением указаний правительства в деле борьбе с короновирусом.

France has launched a military operation to support public services strained by the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic. President Emmanuel Macron announced the launch of operation ‘Resilience’ as France decided to withdraw its contingent of troops from Iraq.

The military operation in France will focus on "aiding and supporting the population, as well as helping public services
face the epidemic in mainland France and overseas", Macron said on Wednesday, on a visit to a field hospital set up by the military in Mulhouse, in the east of France, the region hardest-hit by the coronavirus epidemic so far.


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