Sunday, January 02, 2022

Баг-2022: электронная почта парализована, Microsoft срочно исправляет коды (English, Russian)

The issue stems from the way that Microsoft names updates for its malware-scanning engine, which uses the year, month and date before another four-digit number, known as a update number.

For example, in this case the update number would be 220101 followed by 0001.

This system is used to keep track of updates on the basis the most recent update will have the higher value.

But, the field the update number is stored in appears to have a limit of 31 bit, meaning the maximum value that can be inputted is two to the power of 31, or 2,147,483,648.

When the calendar ticked over to 2022, the naming system exceeded the maximum value and failed.

As a result, Microsoft's anti-malware scanning software, which queues and checks messages before they are delivered to the recipient, is queueing emails and not sending them on.

Масштабная неисправность поразила серверы Microsoft Exchange, под ударом отправление корпоративной почты. Во многих компаниях и организациях сотрудники сегодня не смогли получить и послать со своих адресов электронные письма. Причина неисправности - ошибка (баг) встроенного в серверы механизма сканирования вредоносных программ. Считается, что она вызвана ошибкой кодирования, возникшей после автоматического обновления системы в связи с наступлением нового, 2022 года...

Сообщается, что Microsoft начала внедрять программу выявления компьютерных вирусов и спама (FIP-FS) с версии серверов Microsoft Exchange 2013 года. Программа внедряется по умолчанию и защищает пользователей от спама и вредоносного вторжения. Новый баг, вызванный переходом на 2022 год, автоматически блокирует отправку и получение электронной почты на этих серверах.

Ниже есть продолжение.

The email glitch dubbed the Millennium bug which plagued computers in 2000 is back with a vengeance as Microsoft Exchange users report similar problems accessing emails 22 years later.

The issue taking down exchange servers worldwide began as the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve.

System administrators at Microsoft have dubbed the glitch Y2K22 in the same style as the similar Y2K bug, which affected some computers as we welcomed in the new millennium 22 years ago.

At the time, the public and companies feared the worse, with fears energy shortages resulting in failures in hospitals, schools and businesses, oil shortages, manufacturing issues and even planes falling from the skies.

Economist predicted a worldwide recession and flyers telling of the forthcoming disaster were published en masse in the late 1990s.

Fortunately, the computer apocalypse never came to pass, but the issue today with exchange servers is similar.

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