Tuesday, February 21, 2023

AI-powered Bing Chat loses its mind when fed Ars Technica article (English) 15.02.2023

Over the past few days, early testers of the new Bing AI-powered chat assistant have discovered ways to push the bot to its limits with adversarial prompts, often resulting in Bing Chat appearing frustrated, sad, and questioning its existence. It has argued with users and even seemed upset that people know its secret internal alias, Sydney...

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Ниже есть продолжение.

The problem with dismissing an LLM as a dumb machine is that researchers have witnessed the emergence of unexpected behaviors as LLMs increase in size and complexity. It's becoming clear that more than just a random process is going on under the hood, and what we're witnessing is somewhere on a fuzzy gradient between a lookup database and a reasoning intelligence. As sensational as that sounds, that gradient is poorly understood and difficult to define, so research is still ongoing while AI scientists try to understand what exactly they have created...

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